onsdag den 16. maj 2012

Help! What brand are these sunnies??

Jeg har brug for jeres hjælp! Jeg er blevet forelsket i disse solbriller og har ingen idé om hvor de er fra.
Er der nogen af jer der har set dem før? evt. nogen lignende? Ved hvor man kan købe dem? Anything? :)

I really need your help. I've fallen in love with these sunglasses and have no idea where they are from. Has any of you seen them before? Know where they are from? or where I can buy them? Maybe you have seen a pair who is similar to these? Any help is good!

6 kommentarer:

  1. hello yeah the glasses is so cute! but its expensive, A-Morir Phillips sunglasses, http://store.a-morir.com/

  2. Yeah darling they are really cool! But I have not seen them before..

  3. i am not sure who these are by but i'm going to keep looking! hopefully i can figure it out =) xx sylvie


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